• Learning to Play with Cloisonne

    Learning to Play with Cloisonne

    with Ricky Frank

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  • Workshop Classes Enrolling Now

    Workshop Classes Enrolling Now

    The W.W. Carpenter Enamel Foundation holds enamel on metal and glass

    enamel fusing workshops throughout the year.

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  • Take a tour through time!

    Take a tour through time!

    The museum is open for tours by appointment only.

    No admission fee!

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  • Around the World in a Day!

    Around the World in a Day!

    The museum contains works of art from the 3rd century through the present day.

    Stop in by yourself or with a group.

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  • One of a Kind experience!

    One of a Kind experience!

    Schedule a workshop for yourself or a group of friends.

    You can make something you will treasure forever (it will last that long too)

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W.W.CarpenterEnamel Foundation

Enamel Foundation

To help perpetuate, preserve and expand the use and art of vitreous enamel. The Foundation’s purpose is to nurture, house and sustain the art of enamel.


Intro to Enameling Workshops

Two day, weekend workshops held every month throughout the year. Take one or both days. Each day is a different set of projects, procedures and materials.

We will start with the basics and have you enameling within 15 minutes.

You will quickly move on to more advanced procedures and selected techniques on both days. By the end of each workshop day, you should have a good idea as to what you wish to accomplish with enamel.

The primary focus of the workshop is a ‘sampler’ of procedures and materials. We work through two projects each day. The projects have been specifically designed to cover as many procedures and materials in each project to give you the maximum amount of information that can be covered in a one or two day period. This workshop is not about making the ‘museum art piece’, but rather walking through a lot of information that will give you the knowledge of how to control the procedures and materials so that your outcomes can be consistent.

All materials are included in the price.

Project 1

On project one we will cover: metal preparation consideration; sifting and safety; firing and safety; removing copper oxide after firing; wet inlay procedure; cold scrolling; silver foil preparation and application/firing; application of clear coat over foil; discussion of enamels that react with copper and silver; layering transparent enamels to create new colors.

Project 2

Project two will cover the separation technique. You will learn: short cuts to metal preparation considerations; applying enamel onto a dimensional surface; sifting; use of holding agent as related to enamel application; firing a ‘direct on copper’ transparent enamel to its most transparent and correct color. Understanding copper oxide as it relates to enamel color and firing; pickling to remove oxide; firing to ‘orange peel’ to reduce stilt marks on the front of the piece; how to apply a ‘thin’ coat of enamel and why; firing only to gloss and why; using the smallest sifter to make a border of color around a piece; how to mix dry separation powder with Klyr-Fire to make a paintable mixture; how separation works and the importance of line pattern and thickness of application; and when a long, hot fire is desirable.

Project 3

Project three will teach you the Raku technique. You will learn working with thin copper; transferring a shape onto the copper; making a hole in the copper; embossing a wave pattern in the copper with a crimper; making the shape dimensional with a dapping block; how to use a torch with map gas; annealing to green to allow water based materials to sheet across the copper and not pull away from the edge; applying enamel to both sides for the first firing; shaping edge with alundum stone; how to apply enamel lumps onto a piece so they won’t fall off in the firing; Raku procedure for last firing; 3 phone book pages in tin; the importance of getting hot piece from the firing into the tin with paper as quickly as possible; making sure you get a flame before putting lid on tin; stoning edge to remove sharp trivet marks; removing the haze off piece and polishing with glass brush.

Project 4

Project four is a sampler of painting products and procedures. You will learn: how to transfer a permanent image; learning about painting products i.e. ceramic pigments; overglaze painting colors; enamel marking crayons, how to make needle thin lines with a crow quill pen; working with carefree lusters; knowing how to fire painting enamels; types of substrates suitable for painting i.e. pre-enameled steel tiles; and how to apply a clear cover coat over painting products; firing procedures as related to painting enamels.

Intro to Enameling Workshop Dates:

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December 10 & 11, 2016
January 14 & 15, 2017

Stop by to see the museum or attend a workshop!

W.W. Carpenter Enamel Foundation
645 Colfax Ave.
Bellevue, KY 41073


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