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  • 1915

    Woodrow Wilson Carpenter is born…

  • 1925

    Text here

  • 1982


    Glass on Metal’s Volume 1, No. 1, January 1982, was mailed mid December, 1981. The issue was prepared and mailed to everyone on Thompson Enamel’s customer list. A copy was inserted into each order shipped. Extra copies were sent to our distributors, foreign as well as domestic. The first subscription to come in was from Vivian Kline, of Cincinnati, Ohio, a long time friend.

  • 1987


    The Enamelist Society is formed. It is a volunteer arts organization founded in 1987 for the purpose of promoting the art of enameling. The Society distributes a quarterly newsletter to its membership and has an on-line newsletter called FuseNews. It maintains a lending library of both enamel-related literature and images. The Society also grants money on a yearly basis to further the promotion and practice of the medium.

  • 1991

    The W.W. Carpenter Enamel Foundation Museum is opened in a private residence along Winters Lane in Campbell County Kentucky.

  • 2006

    The Museum moves to its current location. It is home to a privately owned collection, dedicated to works of enamel art and craft, from historical antique Limoges paintings to a large collection of contemporary works by some of the finest artists in the field. The museum houses over 600 pieces of enamel art. The art works are very accessible to visitors of the collection.


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